Our services



Preparing financial statements

  • Implementation of a chart of accounts adapted to your company's requirements

  • Bookkeeping and monitoring

  • Accounting controls

  • Implementation and monitoring of operational cost-accounting

  • General accounting assistance

  • Preparation of periodic reports, balance sheets and profit and loss income statements

  • Establishment of forecasting framework

  • Establishment of group accounts, consolidation of balance sheets and accounts

Auditing and certification of accounts

  • Contractual audits

  • Audits and internal control procedures

  • Account revision before equity investment establishment 




Studies and consultations

  • Claims drafting

  • Legal and technical assistance in the context of rectification

  • Tax advice

  • Corporate tax

  • Personal income tax

  • VAT and similar taxes

  • Property taxes

  • Registration fees and transfer taxes

  • Customs

  • Other taxes and duties


  • Taxpayer assistance during audit





  • Drafting reports to be presented at general meetings

  • Writing up the minutes following all general meetings

  • Assistance in creating a business [formalities at the business centre (guichet d'entreprise), VAT registration, etc..]

  • Support while creating or amending articles of association or corporation

  • Establishment of a financial plan

  • Renewal of management board and director's terms of office


  • Accounting audit

  • Advisory services to non-profit organizations

  • Legal reports in the context of liquidation, merger, or acquisition

  • Management and budget control

  • Strategic (HR) management

  • Cost and profit margin analysis

  • Investment projects - costs and profitability

  • Management chart