You are a liberal professional ?

Are you a lawyer, solicitor, architect, surveyor, estate agent, general practitioner, medical specialist, dentist, medical technologist, patient transport officer, paramedic, physiotherapist, osteopath, veterinarian, or pharmacist etc.? The extent of your accounting and tax obligations depends on the fiscal system and structure you have chosen to carry out your profession. .

Do you practise within a company or independently ? Are you required to pay VAT or not ?

Questions proliferate....

We support people like you and we will not only take your accounting and legal obligations in hand, but will also advise and provide customized solutions. :  Your working life will be optimized and definitively relieved of worry..

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Do you have a small or medium enterprise ?

Our services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises, regardless of their legal category, whetever you are a sole trader, an independent worker, a partnership, or a joint stock company.

You will find that we will provide the necessary support to help you to comply with your accounting obligations and to adapt your situation according to the development of your business and the regular modifications of the tax laws and regulations.

In addition, we offer personalized, expert advice concerning all other questions related to your business operations.

While you are busy running your business, we are committed to ensuring its long-term success. 

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Do you have a association ?

The voluntary and not-for profit-sectors- de facto or not, small or large, a lucrative activity or not, amateur or professional, large or small, national or international - have particular accounting regulations that can sometimes seem complex. 

All associations, whatever their category, are subject to very specific tax and accounting requirements, which are sometimes mandatory, and sometimes optional.

Not-for-profit associations also have important responsibilities towards its members and transparency is essential.

A precise accounting structure and a development plan are important assets for operational optimization.

Take advantage of our firm's expertise in these sectors that arre defined by their specificities and aspirations.

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You are a private individual ?

You are a private individual and you would like to find a stress-free way of optimized your tax situation ?

Due to increasing legal complexities and tax regulations, more and more private individuals are asking for our services. 

Our expertise is certainly not limited to businesses and professionals.

We offer a wide range of advice and services to private individuals, which include amongst others :

  • Help with personal tax declaration

  • Property investment

  • Tax and tax credit regulation

  • Taxation

  • Assistance with tax audits

  • Estate planning

  • Inheritance management

  • etc.

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