Chartered Accountant

Tax consultant


CER Head of Administration |  CER AISBL

  Mrs. Dugardin and her accounting and tax firm IHeb were recommended to us in 2013. It turned out that we made the right choice.The professionalism and expertise of Mrs. Dugardin and her team are undeniable. 


Medical Director |  Brumammo ASBL

  Mrs Samah Dugardin has acted as chartered accountant to the non-profit organization Brumammo for many years.

I asked her to professionalize and to bring Brumammo’s accounts into conformity with accounting standards.

In this capacity, she has continued to control our accounts and financial statements, which she presents yearly to the Board of Directors. 

Her services are professional and conscientious. I can only recommend them. 


Chartered accountant |  Tax advisor IEC

  I met Samah DUGARDIN for the first time when I was chairman of the Belgian chamber of accountants and chartered accountants.

She was seeking exemption from professional acquisitions made from other educational establishments.  After discussion, we found a solution in which she would track two years in one and that all her findings would be presented. She met this challenge brilliantly. 

I later had the chance to work with Mrs Dugardin, and I have always been pleasantly surprised by her advice, which combines professional expertise with peripheral knowledge, as well as an innate pragmatism.  She is a consummate professional.


Managing director |  Chroma SPRL

  For the past few years, I have entrusted all my company’s accounts to i-HEB represented by Samah Dugardin.

I have never regretted this choice. Samah Dugardin’s seriousness, competence and responsiveness cannot be faulted. I have never had any bad surprises in regard to tax or VAT.

I have suggested i-HEB to several clients who were having difficulties with their accounting and all of them have thanked me for this advice, which has changed their professional lives.  It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs Dugardin, a true professional, who is attentive and always finds a solution to problems that may arise. 


Owner  |  Quite Different SPRL

  It is not a simple matter to create and launch a business.
At first, we only had questions in mind :

What was the best way to start ? How could we protect our family and avoid taking too many risks ? Would an SPRL (private limited company) status be the ideal choice for us ? What formalities were required ? 

From the conception of our professional project in 2012 until today, the i-HEB management team has reassured and supported us and helped us develop good business habits. The attentiveness and advice we received from i-HEB are certainly the qualities we most appreciated when we launched our company.   

Ever since, we have had complete confidence in i-HEB’s good management of our accounting and taxation